White Witch Botanicals
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Home Grown Herbal Skin Care Products - Grown and Concocted in Brown County, Indiana, USA

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White Witch Botanicals

Grown - Infused - Concocted In Brown County, Indiana, USA!

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 White Witch Botanicals provides home grown and processed herbal remedies
 for healthy and beautiful skin.

Your health and well being is paramount to our goals! 

We know our products are going to exceed your expectations!

2015 Products Are Available Including:
Calendula Products Rosemary Products
Original Calendula Oil Oil of Old Age
Kick Ax Calendula Healing Salve Rosemary Smoothee
Kick Ax On A Stick Smoochie Smooth Lip Healing Balm
Liquid Gold Boo Boo Oil Flower Power Hair Dressing
Baby Bum Boo Boo Balm Stink Pretty Deodorant
Kick Ax Calendula Healing Salve - For Pets Mr. Stout's Skunk Oil

Very limited Availability - Dried Flowers, Herbs & Seeds

See Full Product Availability Products

PLEASE NOTE!!!  Current issues with reliability of on line shopping have failed to convince the Supreme Queen Geek Witch that available 'shopping carts' are safe and secure. 

So - with this in mind - for the time being - every product sold will be done in the 

NEW OLD FASHIONED WAY - One customer at a time with personal one on one attention. 

For immediate attention

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White Witch Botanicals provides herbal skin and hair products using 100% calendula, rosemary, lavender. All products grown and processed in Brown County, Indiana, USA

White Witch Botanicals, LLC retains copyright and trademark to all products, publications, and intellectual property. White Witch Art is copyrighted by Janet G Stout 2011. Natural herbal products are to be reviewed by customer with medical practitioner for applicability, drug interaction and every manner of use.  White Witch Botanicals, Backyard Greenhouse, The Village Idiot and all associated humans, assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for product use and or claims of perfection, or not.