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Home Grown Herbal Skin Care Products - Grown and Concocted in Brown County, Indiana, USA

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White Witch Botanicals, LLC is a cooperative effort dedicated to the idea that Mother Nature has provided us with all we need to survive on this earth.

All of our herbal products are home grown and assembled in Brown County Indiana.  Brown County - Nashville Indiana is a community in southern Indiana dating back to the late 1800s. It was formed and continues to thrive as an artist colony. 

Today Brown County is a popular southern Indiana vacation destination featuring over 300 retail shops, casual and elegant dining and lodging to accommodate a range to satisfy a multitude of visitors.

If you REALLY want to know "All About Us" - see  The Book!


  We call where we live, "The Peaceful Valley". 

See the many possible adventures in our home town by clicking on the Peaceful Valley logo.


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White Witch Botanicals provides herbal skin care products using 100% calendula, rosemary, lavender. All products grown and processed in Brown County, Indiana, USA

White Witch Botanicals, LLC retains copyright and trademark to all products, publications, and intellectual property. White Witch Art is copyrighted by Janet G Stout 2011. Natural herbal products are to be reviewed by customer with medical practitioner for applicability, drug interaction and every manner of use.  White Witch Botanicals, Backyard Greenhouse, The Village Idiot and all associated humans, assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for product use and or claims of perfection, or not.