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Home Grown Herbal Skin Care Products - Grown and Concocted in Brown County, Indiana, USA

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Herbal Remedies - Warnings and Disclaimers

  White Witch Botanicals seriously encourages all herbal product users to practice common sense and caution.  It is your responsibility to ensure that any herbal product or remedy is productive to your medical treatment, prescriptions and best practices for your specific health.

That said, there will always be a positive influence in skin care and general health with the use of White Witch Botanical products.

Our ingredients are simple, our botanical process is meticulous and our preparations are generous in quantity and dosage.

These products claim NO promise of perfect results for all users.  Again, common sense prevails.  Conduct 24 hour skin tests on all products intended for hair and skin care. 

Common sense:  If you suffer from any skin cancer diagnosis or danger threats, you MUST consult a competent physician.

How well can our products work? 

If you are a sunbather or skin tanner, you will not recover youthful skin qualities by nature of sun damage and melanin abuse.  

If you have spent many years using chemical hair treatments, you hair loss many be permanent.  No promise made - success rates are significant but vary between users.

Exercise caution and common sense with ANY skin care products, including those that contain any ingredients with multi-syllabic names.

White Witch Botanicals uses ONLY 100% natural ingredients.  There are NO chemical additives or petrolatum.  There are NO ingredients that our 'cauldron witch' can neither spell or pronounce.

RE- DEFINING GREEN = Keep It Simple!






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White Witch Botanicals provides herbal skin care products using 100% calendula, rosemary, lavender. All products grown and processed in Brown County, Indiana, USA

White Witch Botanicals, LLC retains copyright and trademark to all products, publications, and intellectual property. White Witch Art is copyrighted by Janet G Stout 2011. Natural herbal products are to be reviewed by customer with medical practitioner for applicability, drug interaction and every manner of use.  White Witch Botanicals, Backyard Greenhouse, The Village Idiot and all associated humans, assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for product use and or claims of perfection, or not.